Cory Hoffart
CEO - Stylez (USA)

Of all the services we used the last three years, working with Rayo Infotech has been the most stable and dependable. They always offers great communication, great ideas on new tech and very effective work.

Claas Garthoff
CEO - CourtFinder (Germany)

I have worked with Rayo Infotech and can say that they were always able to meet our targets in a quick and professional way. It’s been absolutely pleasure working with them and highly recommend them for mobile app development.

Joost Leeuw
CEO – JO2 (Netherlands)

We have worked with several designers and programmers for mobile application development. Rayo Infotech is one of them and also one of the favorites to work with. Punctual and they always think in solutions. Great company to work with.

El Atik
CEO (Kuwait)

I have been working with Rayo Infotech for 1 year now and I can happily say that it has been a great relationship full of efficiency, team work, innovation and problem solving. I was confident from day one that the guys will be able to deliver great quality and service due to their passion, dedication and knowledge. I look forward to working with them in the future on new projects and challenges.

Pablo Ferrero

Rayo Infotech is the best team to work with. Their response time is really fast and great. I appreciate the dedication and effort of team. So far everything has been great!! Thank you for all Great Work.  

Raphael Hickling
CEO - Double Mint Inc (USA)

Working with Yogesh and his team has not only been a pleasure but also has made my life easier. The reasons why? He is a true Android and IOS guru, his understanding of my projects(he has developed 3 so far) is at the highest level, and most important, he meets all my deadlines, which is rare. Yogesh will continue to be my go to Android/IOS Developer. Highly recommended!